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My MUSE | Meet Anna Reeve

Aug 18 2023
My MUSE | Meet Anna Reeve

Hello everyone, 

Olivia here, to introduce you to this week’s MyMUSE: the passionate, hilarious and deeply authentic Anna Reeve.  

A much-loved household name in New Zealand, Anna has- quite-literally-done it all. Anna has been a model, a TV host, MC and more. Dominating the behind-the-scenes media landscape right across the country. Anna has a thriving (and deliciously honest) blog, the global ambassador for alopecia, and is currently starring on the brand-new reality show 'The Traitors'. On top of this Anna has created a gorgeous life with her husband Jay Reeve and their adorable twin boys Hunter and Oscar.

A long-time friend of MUSE, Anna is the epitome of style. Anna is focused and driven, with a lightning-fast wit. Warm and open, with an eye for all things beautiful. Brave, uplifting and inspiring through and through. An irrefutable muse and integral part of our community.

I sat down with Anna to talk about her new reality TV role, her favourite artists and the joy of a truly excellent heel.  




Anna, hello! Can you tell me a bit about your experience on the reality show ‘The Traitors’? How did this opportunity come about? 

I was cast in it last year and it was one of the wildest experiences of my life. Such a fresh new reality format, and a game that was fun … but also mentally exhausting to play.

What were some of the challenges you faced on the show?

We had no family contact, and each night we were locked in our rooms. The windows were blacked out, had no TV … the isolation really started to get to you. We also spent long periods of time off-camera, but we weren't allowed to talk in those moments – all game-play and scheming had to be on film. The line between game and reality started to blur, and you got very emotionally invested as it was the only thing you had going on. It was a weird feeling.




How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a bit of a lazy stylist when it comes to myself! I don’t have a particular style or aesthetic I stick to, and I’m not very good at forward planning. But I have collected lots of amazing pieces over the years so can always pull together something considered, and I have a good grasp on what works for my shape. While I do love a fashion-forward moment, a lot of my wardrobe is made up of classics that I wear over and over again. I have a real love of footwear, so I often build an outfit from the bottom up.  



Who are some of your favourite designers and artists right now?

My husband bought a piece from Rob Tucker for our 10 year anniversary. I adore it. We live in a small home so have to be selective over what we put on our walls, as there is only so much room. I recently got my hands on a CJ Hendry & Andy Blank “Entangled” piece – a solid crystal block, with a laser-engraved 3D hand drawn ribbon in it – that brings me a lot of joy. 

While style is forever evolving, is there a piece that stands the test of time in your closet?  

Coats and shoes. I have a pair of heels that I wore to my 21st – and I still wear them today. They are the most beautiful Miu Miu heels with a moulded heel … shoes that no 21 year old had any business wearing! My grandmother lived in San Diego and I remember finding then on sale and feeling amazing in them. I have built up a beautiful collection of coats, mostly from MUSE actually, and I can’t ever imagine not adoring them all. 



What is on your MUSE wishlist at the moment?

A belt from Khaite, a Saks Potts coat, and if I had a wedding to attend this year then I’d absolutely be wearing the Aqua by Agua Bendita ‘Francisca Lunar Maxi Dress' I wore in the MyMUSE shoot. Beautiful.