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My MUSE | Chloe Zara

My MUSE | Chloe Zara

Hello everyone, Olivia here, to introduce you to this week’s MyMUSE: the lovely, beautiful and exceptionally talented Chloe Zara Munro.

When it comes to sustainable haircare, Chloe is queen, redefining the way we treat our locks one luxurious product at a time. An undisputed expert, Chloe has been creating magic with the manes of Auckland for two decades – and in 2020, after noticing a gap in the market for sustainable and effective products, she founded her iconic eponymous haircare range, Chloe Zara Hair, and people can’t get enough. When she’s not running her incredibly successful business, Chloe, alongside her husband Scott, is a loving mum to two gorgeous boys, Albie and Otto, and is a central figure in the Auckland fashion scene.

With her elegant style, natural grace and incredibly warm and engaging manner, Chloe is a force to be reckoned with in the world of beauty. She is a powerhouse, an inspiration and a much-loved member of our MUSE community. A true muse, from (beautifully styled) head to toe.   

I sat down with Chloe to talk favourite haircare products, the joy of a core classic and her foolproof rainy-day hairstyle.



Chloe, hello! Can you talk us through the story behind Chloe Zara Hair and how it all began?

After hairdressing for almost two decades, I launched my Chloe Zara range of haircare in 2020. I wanted a unique range of products free from unnecessary ingredients to create long term healthy hair – ultimately to achieve effortless, beautiful hair every day. The Chloe Zara range takes inspiration from skin care practices, through a unique bond of natural, bio-cert active ingredients and scientifically proven formulations. They have been formulated to recognise the importance of treating the scalp with the same care as our skin. We believe that a healthy scalp is the foundation for beautiful, vibrant hair.


How would you best describe your style?

Effortless, chic, and polished. I like to keep it simple; my core classics are always a good quality tee (the Khaite Tee’s are the best!) with a blazer, or a beautiful coat and shirt. I always add accessories like earrings or a belt, but I also look at my hair as an accessory to my outfit. It really does complete a look and bring together your own unique style.



You are a mother of two beautiful children, has your wardrobe and personal style taken a shift since you became a mum, or are you turning back to your old favourites?

I most definitely have stuck to my old/core favourites, but comfort plays a huge part in it now. I always want to make sure I am wearing comfortable clothing when I am with the kids, and clothing that is easy to wash. I have a separate wardrobe for my work clothing and once I'm home from the office I swap to my comfy home clothes.


What helps you get dressed in the morning? Is there a styling tip you always stick to?

I love to keep folders on my phone/apps of outfit inspiration, I find this so helpful. I also check the weather app each morning, so my outfits are usually quite weather dependent. This also coincides with my hair. If it's raining, I generally go for a slick, low bun which I can add some earrings to complete the look.



What are some key components when investing in new pieces for your wardrobe?

When it comes to making the choice on what I invest in I always work out what I already have in my wardrobe and what I can pair that new investment item with. How often I will wear it, the longevity I will have from it and then of course how much I love it. If I have something on my wish list that I can’t stop thinking about then I know I truly love it.


If you had to choose only one Chloe Zara hair product, which one would it be?

The Hair & Body Perfume Oil, it is such a unique and incredible, multi-use product with so many benefits. I love how deeply nourishing it is for the hair, and how amazing it makes your hair look and feel. The scent is so beautiful! I also love how it feels on my skin as a daily moisturiser.



What is on your MUSE Wishlist? And who are some of your favourite designers and brands?

The Tibi Tuck Jean and Veronica Beard Dala Jacket. My favourite brands at MUSE would have to be Khaite, Tibi and Matteau. So many beautiful pieces.


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