Laura Lombardi Care Guide

Laura Lombardi jewellery incorporates raw, un plated brass as a foundation to their aesthetic. Brass is a natural metal that allows each of the pieces to develop their own unique characteristics over time. Follow our care guide for recommendations on how to get the best out of your Laura Lombardi jewellery. 

- Store your jewellery in a secure and dry place between wears
- Remove and store jewellery before exercising, swimming, showering or sleeping. 
- Laura Lombardi Jewellery should be kept away from water and humid environments.
- Direct contact with perfume, cosmetics, lotions and aerosols may accelerate the development of patina*. 

*Patina: Discolouration or change in luster of brass. Produced by oxidation: the darkening of metal with exposure to the bodys own PH, oxygen and other compounds. 

Regular Care:
The easiest way maintain the appearance of your jewellery is with regular cleaning using a jewellery polishing cloth. Wipe down quickly after each wear to maintain appearance or polish vigorously to remove accumulated patina. 

Natural Polishing: 
Mix half a lemon and a teaspoon of baking soda together to form a paste. Apply to jewellery and rub in one direction with a cloth. Repeat until clean, wipe off paste, rinse and pat dry. 

Set your jewellery in a dish filled with water and dish detergent. Using a soft tooth brush, gently scrub the jewellery with the combination of dish soap and water to remove patina and stains. Pat dry. 

Please know the above care instructions are applicable to items made from raw brass or sterling silver only. Items described as plated should be gently wiped clean. Refrain from exposing plated items to abrasives, solvents, or cleaning compounds.