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My MUSE | Trish Bhikoo of M11 Studio

My MUSE | Trish Bhikoo of M11 Studio


 It is my absolute pleasure to bring you this week’s My MUSE: The endlessly talented and highly esteemed Trish Bhikoo, owner and founder of luxury hair salon M11 studio.  

Since starting her career 17 years ago, Trish has honed her craft in both salons and the wider fashion arena. She founded M11 in 2016 with her husband Mobeen and it has fast developed a reputation for excellence across all categories of haircare. 



On a personal level, I can tell you that Trish and Mobeen are the LOVELIEST people. The perfect mix of warm and welcoming, while also exuding endless amounts of charm and charisma. They have always been so supportive of MUSE and have delivered blow-out brilliance with all the hair styling for our MUSE Cashmere campaigns. I am so grateful for this, especially considering how in demand Trish is for fashion shows and editorial shoots. 

Her signature style is a balance of simplicity with a fashion edge. Hair that has seamless texture and classic structure. She is a master of her trade. When complimenting a client on their hair, 9/10 times they tell me it’s a Trish Bhikoo style! 

 I visited Trish in her beautiful, award-winning studio, to talk all things hair and the joys (yes joys!) of living and working with her significant other.



 How did your career path lead you to where you are today?

I started hairdressing when I was 15, working part time at a local salon in Hamilton. I used to go home after every shift and convince my sisters to let me experiment on their hair. I loved the salon environment and the creativity that it inspired. After finishing school I moved to Auckland to study hairdressing. 23 years on I still love my career and I often think about that 15 year old - desperate to learn everything about hair.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside the industry’s leading hair stylists, learning from them in terms of styling and business. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of NZ’s top fashion designers - styling for campaigns, look books, editorials and shows. All this has helped me grow and fine tune my craft, applying this experience to my clients and my business. I try to keep a contemporary approach to my work and love giving my clients hair that’s fresh and makes them look and feel amazing.

A big passion and focus for me is training new hairdressers, mentoring and developing their skills and creating training programs that adapt to different learning styles.



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After 17 years in the industry I found I wasn’t as fulfilled as I used to be. I was craving a new challenge and a different environment. My husband was feeling the same, so we joined forces and opened M11 Studio in 2016. We wanted to create a space that was luxurious but relaxed, premium yet personalised. A positive and inspiring environment for hairdressers to grow and develop their skills.
I am so grateful to have entered this journey with my husband and I’m inspired everyday by our team and clients. 




That brings us nicely to our next question – How do you and the wonderful Mobeen manage working and living together?

 I love working with Mobeen! I get asked this all the time but honestly we don’t get sick of each other. We have always made the effort to keep work and home separate but when we’re on the floor with clients we hardly see each other anyway.

Our strengths and creative processes are totally different. We complement each other by working on different parts of the business while still having the same professional goals.

I think it also helps that we both understand the intensity of working on your feet and with clients all day, so we both ensure a very relaxed home environment. 


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What's it been like managing a business since becoming a mum?

It was more challenging initially than I expected. I was accustomed to being able to put all my time and energy into growing and running a business, so it was a huge shift. It was like my whole world stopped and all that force and drive was now focused on being a mum. I took a few months off which was amazing - but now the balance of managing a business and being a mum is hard but so rewarding.

I love that Zaria is raised in an environment where she sees her parents work hard and love what they do. 




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What is on your MUSE wish list?

Rebe - Paris over the knee boot, Victoria Beckham - off white trousers, Theory - Casual Blazer in Rice and Pleated Wide Leg Pant in Rice, Sea New York - Naya Quilted Jacket, La DoubleJ - Beat flowers Foulard


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Top tips for healthy hair? 

·         Be gentle with wet hair. It’s a lot more fragile. Use a wide tooth comb and avoid tying it up until dry.

·         Always use a heat protectant product before using your hair dryer or hot tools. Regular heat can be more damaging than colouring if your hair isn’t properly protected. Sebastian Trilliant spray is amazing.

·         Use UV protection in the summer months to avoid sun damage and protect your colour. SP Solar range is my favourite.

·         Invest in salon quality shampoo, conditioner and treatments for your hair type. It’s by far the best way to maintain or improve your hair health. I recommend Iles Formula 3 step system.

·         Choose your stylist carefully. A good stylist should have your hair's health as a priority and won’t over colour it.

·         Get regular haircuts to keep your ends from splitting.

·         Get plenty of protein in your diet. Protein is fundamental for hair growth as it is essentially what hair is made up of.


 Any exciting new hair trends for Summer?

Layers seem to be the theme for this summer! The 90’s shag is a perfect example. It’s a great summer shape with a strong base and soft layers around the face - the shortest falling just below the chin. Wispy longer bangs landing below the brow is another effortless summer look.

Colour trends this summer are warm with lots of copper tones; golden blondes, strawberry blondes and warmer brunettes. These lend to fewer highlights and less maintenance.  

Summer is also the perfect time to put down your hot tools and embrace your natural texture with a haircut that looks airy and light.



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