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My MUSE | Meet Sarah Lindsay of Sala

My MUSE | Meet Sarah Lindsay of Sala


Hello everyone,

Olivia here, to introduce you to this week’s MyMUSE: the authentic, innovative, and insanely inspirational, Sarah Lindsay.

UK-born and bred; Sarah moved to New Zealand in 2018 after falling in love with her Kiwi husband Joshua. Having been deeply immersed in London’s tight-knit spiritual community, Sarah struggled to find her feet in Auckland. But, thankfully for all of us, something incredible was born from her struggle – the uniquely exceptional and totally iconic movement studio, Sala.

After meeting Sarah on the MUSE boutique floor (the start of so many gorgeous relationships) I instantly felt a connection. Sarah has the most beautiful energy, is a true force for good, and lives and breathes wellness, self-care, and the power of community. She brings style and substance to everything she does and shares her generous nature and vibrant personality with everyone who crosses her path. Compassionate, grounded, and delightfully honest, she truly epitomises what it means to be a muse.   

I sat down with Sarah to talk about owning a business, raising a daughter, and dressing for the day you want to have. 





Sarah, hello! First things first, how did you find yourself in New Zealand?

I met Joshua on a dating app whilst he was working in London, and we decided to give Auckland ago. That was five years ago. Seems like a lifetime.

Tell us a bit about your journey from living in London to owning your own studio.

Coming from a deep-knit wellness community, I really struggled to find my people when I arrived here. I decided I had two choices; complain about it or build it. So, SALA was born! I’m so grateful I took that leap of faith because now I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.



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Talk us through your original concept for the space and how it has since evolved?

The original studio was really different to how it looks today, it was minimalist and industrial – a slice of Shoreditch – born from my homesickness. It has evolved so much since then, a reflection of my changing life in a way. In January, three years after opening, we replaced the industrial monochrome with ribbons of terracotta – a nod to the orange hues between your fingers when hands interlace. The alchemising tenderness of connection. We now have three studios housing reformer Pilates, barre and yoga. I love that it’s evolved organically slowly over time, because it’s now a genuine representation of the changing needs of our community, rather than something I’m forcing on people. 



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You’re also a mum to a beautiful young daughter, Ophelia. How do you think you’ve transformed through the journey of motherhood?

Motherhood has actually allowed me to slow down (the irony because motherhood is so busy!). Previously I was incredibly focused on the next goal, the next achievement. I was always living in a state of deferred happiness. Motherhood forces you to slow down and take each changing moment as it comes. It’s a practice in impermanence and resiliency. It has definitely changed the way I approach work. Life’s too short, I don’t want to miss it because I’m constantly future forecasting.

For anyone looking for a little relaxation amid the winter blues and school holiday madness, what class would you recommend?

The Sunday night yin yoga followed by sound healing is particularly luxurious and nurturing.




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What does the future of SALA look like?

We have saunas and ice baths launching in August, and something very new and exciting on the horizon for early next year. Watch this space!

What does personal style mean to you and what do you look for in an investment piece?

I’m incredibly ceremonious as a person. I believe the way you adorn yourself is how you consciously meet the world. I like to dress for the day I want to have, for the energy I’m bringing into the day, as opposed to dressing for a particular trend or occasion.



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What’s on your MUSE wishlist at the moment?

Everything Christopher Esber! It’s art for your wardrobe. 




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