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My MUSE | Isabel & Lydia from Isadia Floral

My MUSE | Isabel & Lydia from Isadia Floral

Introducing our friends (and Muse’s own florists) Isabel Johnston and Lydia Reusser of the luscious and luxurious floral design studio: Isadia.

 Isadia’s style is intuitive and naturalistic. They are guided by nature and harness each season's beauty by following the unique forms of the flowers and plants they design with. Every centerpiece is a masterpiece when it comes to their fragrant, fine art installations. 



Sourcing unusual and beautiful flowers from local growers, as well as growing some of their own in a small cutting garden, their creations are unique and intriguing. No two arrangements are ever the same and we live for the days their couture creations arrive at our stores.

Isadia designs focus on colour, movement and form - which just so happen to be our favourite features of fashion design. These parallels are strikingly obvious in these beautiful images by Ruby Holland.

I sat down with Isobel and Lydia to talk flowers, fashion and growing a business through the pandemic. All while admiring the truly groundbreaking spring florals.



What is your career highlight to date? 

It's hard to pinpoint just one moment. The last few years have been challenging starting a business in a pandemic, however it feels so rewarding watching our business grow and our flowers be appreciated by an amazing and supportive Auckland community. 



Mineralier - Goddess Earrings in Marine, Sea New York - Holly Soutache Dress in Black, Rebe - Chelsea Boot in Black




Anine Bing - Sydney Sweater in Cream, Theory - Double Faced Belted Trench in light blue, Derek Lam 10 Crosby - Noor Seamed Twill Pant in Black


How did you two meet each other? 

We both had our own businesses prior to Isadia’s inception. Our paths crossed while freelancing and we found we both had the same ideas about where the floristry industry was heading, as well as a shared vision for what we wanted our careers to look like. After the first lockdown we decided to form Isadia and really push the kind of floral designs we loved, creating flowers in a naturalistic and unexpected way with a focus on colour, movement and form.




La Double J - Long Sleeve Dress in Tapestry and Orange Gerber, Anine Bing - Lizzie Slides in Black

Favourite flower and why? 

 This is always such a tough question for florists - every season and every week we are in constant awe of the flowers we are lucky enough to work with. We love the unusual and specialty varieties that come from local flower farmers or through the flower auction. Recently we have been loving the locally grown tulips available on the bulb and bright and cheerful spring poppies that are just starting. 



Rodebjer - Chikondi Shirt in WhiteSea New York - Sia Pant in BlackLa Double J - Winter Jacard Slides in Black



Can you give us some tips for looking after flowers at home?  

Flowers will always last longer placed in a clean vase in a cooler environment, out of direct heat or sunlight. Trimming the stems and changing the water every few days will also prolong their life. 



La Double J - 24/7 Dress in Ortica, Rebe - Paris Boot in WhiteMineralier - Goddess Earrings in Marine 



What is on your MUSE wish list? 

We both love the new Sea New York collection!   


Jasmin Sparrow - Petra Earrings in Honeydew Silver, Proenza Schouler - Pipe Slide in Oak, Alemais - Alexandra Stripe Dress


My Muse is a series which celebrates our diverse community of creative, intelligent, like minded women. If you know of someone who you think should be featured, send us a DM to nominate them.  

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